Logline / Synopsis


A multi-species both sensory and discursive encounter with competing knowledge practices in the current honeybee health crisis.


BEEWILDERED COMPANIONS is an immersive ethnographic study on the socio-material entanglements of humans and honeybees in times of globalized diseases. Triggered by the migration of a small bee parasite from Asia, the culture of beekeeping in Europe today is deeply shaken. The search for new and better practices is also a struggle of different imaginaries regarding the ontological status of the honeybee as domestic or wild.

Can and should a serious disease be controlled by medication or breeding? Or is it better for humans to give up control, as in the long lost craft of tree beekeeping?

Only in the deep forests of Bashkiria the tradition is still alive. The cultural appropriation of this knowledge in Central Europe could be an important pillar for a sustainable solution to the crisis. Three multisensory-observational and three plurivocal-discursive chapters juxtapose the diverging inner attitudes with the corresponding practices of animal care.

DOK.fest 2020 Munich
Official Selection / nominated for the documentary film award / nominated for the production award
EASA Visual Anthropology film programme 2020
Official Selection
Opinions are divided among expert beekeepers on how to handle the varroa mite. How should the bees be saved – conventionally, experimentally or traditionally? An observational and explorative journey to Siberia that is as exciting as it is aesthetic.
DOK.fest Munich
Ein Film von Miriam und Felix Remter
Besamung Bienen
Unsere Haltung zu Honigbienen
Ankunft Varroamilbe
Ethnografische Filmerzählung
Status von Honigbienen
Honigbienen und Varroamilben
Bienenexperte Minur
Eine Frage der Haltung
Bienenforscher Seeley

Technische Details

Original title Eine Frage der Haltung
Duration 87 Min.
Year 2020
Country Germany
Language German, English, Russian
Subtitles German & English
Sound Stereo
Aspect ratio 16:9


Director Felix Remter & Miriam Remter
Production primate visions Remter & Remter GbR
Cinematography Felix Remter
Screenplay Felix Remter
Sound Miriam Remter
Editing Miriam Remter
Sound design Jörg Elsner
Sound mix Michael Hinreiner
Color correction Fabian Spang
Sound creation & editing Max Bauer und Normann Büttner
Graphics Florian Geierstanger
Dramaturgy supervisor Susanne Quester
Transcription Annika Mayer
Subtitles Birgit Leib
Founded by FFF Bayern
German distribution mindjazz pictures

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