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Imagine a society in which animals are no longer exploited for human use. This documentary explores the idea of a world without meat. Philosophers, scientists, artists and activists offer their insights and progressive ideas about the role of animals in our society.
Imagine a society in which animals are no longer exploited for human use. Where the rights and needs of animals are respected and taken into consideration. And where our relationship with them is one based on compassion and understanding instead of domination.

The End of Meat is a feature documentary that explores the idea of a post-meat world. It will include interviews with philosophers, scientists, artists and activists who offer their insight and progressive ideas about the role of animals in our society.

Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson, authors of Zoopolis, picture a just and equal future of animal-human relations based on the political theory of citizenship. But once we free animals from our domination– should we make them independent of us so they can lead their separate lives? Or should we instead try to rebuild our relationship towards them, so that a compassionate and respectful coexistence is possible? The growing number of animal sanctuaries—providing a safe haven for neglected and abused animals—could be a model for a just and peaceful existence we might be able to have with animals one day. Since animals can't speak for themselves, how do we know what they desire and how can we accommodate them? Pro-animal rights parties in various European countries that campaign for respectful treatment of animals could lead the way for animals to be fully represented in the political and legal system.

What are we going to eat in a post-meat world? The first lab-grown burger was presented to journalists in London in 2013. Could in vitro meat grown in a lab be a model for the planet’s future diet? A number of start-ups, some of them based in Silicon Valley—right next to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations—are leading the production of plant-based alternatives which look, smell and taste just like animal-based foods. The research for dairy-free milk, the plant-based burger patty that 'bleeds' and lab-grown meat has attracted entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and venture-capital firms. The demand for products with a lower environmental impact that are healthier and cheaper yet just as satisfying as animal-based products is on the rise.

What effects would a post-meat world have on the environment? Will it reduce carbon emissions, conserve water and make the food supply safer? And how would this change of diet impact our health?

And finally, is animal exploitation linked to other forms of oppression? How would a society free from animal exploitation change the way we treat each other? Could it possibly be the dawn of a more peaceful and just world?


Original titel: The End Of Meat
Germany 2017
Language: English & German
Subtitles: English 
Duration:  90 min.


Production: Blackrabbit Images in Coproduction with mindjazz pictures
Mark Post, Gene Baut, Steven Wise and many more