ME & YOU – Inclusive Schooling

by Thomas Binn

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Children with special needs in Germany have a legal right to take shared classes in regular schools. Many special education schools were closed as a result. This long-term documentary follows five elementary school students – with and without special needs – over the course of two and a half years. They are part of the first official inclusive class at the Geschwister Devries School in Uedem in North-Rhine Westphalia. An open and honest look at the everyday school activities and at what happens when inclusive ideals meet reality.

Technical Details

Originaltitel ICH. DU. INKLUSION. - Wenn Anspruch auf Wirklichkeit trifft
Produktionsland/-jahr Germany 2017
Sprache German
Untertitel English & Dutch available
Laufzeit 90 min.


Director & Script Thomas Binn
Cinematography David Stevens, Nils A. Witt, Eric Poß, Thomas Binn, Moritz Esser
Editing Nicole Schmeier (bfs)
Music Gilbert Gelsdorf, Beray Habip
Producer Philipp Lutz
Production Company Lutzfilm
Coproduction Binn Medienproduktion (Thomas Binn) & Musebox Videoproduktionen (Ralph Striebinger & Moritz Esser)

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