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The Empire of Scents - Kinostart tba

The Empire of Scents - Engl. trailer


A kaleidoscopic exploration of what our sense of smell has to do with memory, emotion, and sex.

The pleasures of food, of the erotic, of family – form the very fabric of our emotional lives. And smell is an essential emotional trigger. There is more truth to call our sense of smell our sense of desire because it springs our passions. Smell moves us, subliminally and profoundly. It moves us to act and do things we are wholly unaware of. It enriches our lives, gives us with unspeakable joys. All along this feature-length documentary, central storylines take us into the world of smell. Many of them have the suspense, death-defying risk and insanity of a quest; others, are moments of pure poetry.Filmed in five countries, this documentary takes us through an artistic journey through the lens of Kim Nguyen, Oscar nominee for best foreign film in 2012 with his film War Witch. He integrates beauty, taste and poetry into the film, to the point where we can feel the inner sense of the Empire of Scents




Originaltitel: L'Odorat
Produktionsland/-jahr: Frankreich 2015
Regie: Kim Nguyen
Director    Kim Nguyen
Researcher   Laurie Finstead Knizhnik
DOP     Nicolas Fransolet
Sound recordist   Arnaud Derimay    François Grenon    Simon Plouffe
Editor     Vidal Beïque
Producer    Lucie Tremblay

Sprache: Französisch
Untertitel: deutsch
FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung (beantragt)
Laufzeit:  84 Min.
Kinostart: Dezember 2016 (ausgewählte Kinos)
DVD VÖ: Dezember 2016